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One of the most traumatic and life changing events in anyone’s life is going through a divorce.

Although I have represented many clients in a divorce, I am not a proponent of divorce. I believe in the concept of marriage. This is why I always fully counsel my clients first about the impact and fallout from a divorce, especially when minor children are involved, and encourage and recommend marital and family counseling before the petition is filed.

In the event it appears the marriage is irretrievably broken, i.e., there are no reasonable prospects of reconciliation, I will proceed with filing the petition with the Court. When two people are married, all assets and property they accumulate during the marriage becomes marital property and must be divided. Further, all indebtedness incurred by the parties subsequent to the marriage is marital debt, the responsibility for which must be divided. Maintenance or alimony may be awarded. If minor children are involved, child custody and visitation rights must be determined and child support must be established.

If the parties are in agreement with the division of marital property, debt, maintenance, child custody, visitation and child support, then a Settlement Agreement may be entered into and the divorce decree entered. The parties must live separate and apart for a period of sixty (60) days before the divorce decree is entered. In order to meet the 60 day requirement, the parties may cohabitate, but can have no sexual relations during this period. If the parties cannot agree to all of the foregoing, then the Court will schedule a hearing at which evidence will be presented and testimony given, and the Court will decide all issues which can’t be agreed to by the parties.

One of the questions I always get is how much will a divorce cost?

I can complete an uncontested divorce from start to finish for $750.00, plus a filing fee and service fee, if service of the petition is necessary. If it appears issues in the divorce will be contested, then I will accept an amount for a retainer and charge a low hourly rate and send you a monthly billing statement. Additional retainers may be necessary.

I have over 22 years of experience representing parties to divorce proceedings. I pride myself on achieving the best possible outcome for all of my clients in an efficient manner with the least impact on minor children of the marriage.

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